• tekhnikum

    moscow: tekhnikum

    it's the new go-to diner for cosmopolitan bites in a ditto setting [07.2016].

    20 july 2016 by andreas
  • lucky bar

    beijing: lucky bar

    a funky design-led barbecue joint worth wandering out into the suburbs for [07.2016].

    14 july 2016 by andreas
  • ômai

    amsterdam: ômai

    effortlessly indulging in all your vietnamese food cravings.

    04 july 2016 by andreas
  • väkst

    copenhagen: väkst

    a new gem has popped up in the city's booming dining scene [07.2016].

    02 july 2016 by andreas
  • potato head

    hong kong: potato head

    contemporary hospitality with a distinct indonesian edge [06.2016].

    26 june 2016 by andreas
  • the dolphin hotel

    sydney: the dolphin hotel

    the popular watering hole reopens with an adventurous new guise [06.2016]

    22 june 2016 by andreas
  • polpo

    london: polpo

    everyone’s trusty italian small plates destination polpo is now serving brunch across each of its sites, meaning you can now get your backstreets-in-venice fix even earlier. the italo-inflected menu is a refreshing point of difference from the tried-and-tasty brunch menu regulars. this time think soft poached eggs served atop a generous pile of green goodness - peas, rocket, broadbean and artichoke. pizza for breakfast gets our vote especially when topped with salsiccia, mushroom, egg and parmesan. and don’t over look the simplicity of the excellent wild garlic, mushroom and ricotta loaded copiously on sourdough toast. the breakfast bellini makes for the perfect 10am livener, with enough of a marmalad-ey hit. the ricotta doughnuts dusted with cinnamon sugar are the perfect not-too-sweet ending, accompanied by excellent coffee. a real meet-in-the-middle between breakfast and lunch, this is a hearty option to set you up for the day.

    18 june 2016 by becky
  • lume

    milan: lume

    a new eatery by michelin-starred chef luigi taglienti that's already the talk of the town [06.2016].

    16 june 2016 by andreas
  • absurd bird

    london: absurd bird

    a gluttonous ode to the american south where chicken is the order of the day. organic, hand-reared, high-welfare chicken is lovingly grilled, fried and basted in a host of ‘secret recipe’ sauces for a tum-ticklin’ treat. start your meal as you mean to go on with the hot and creamy spinach and artichoke dip [lauded by the staff as life-changing] or the jalapeño cheese biscuits with apple butter. then you face the agony of having to select which chicken dish/es you want from the who’s-who of a-list chicken concoctions. opt for wings in a myriad of marinades, ‘big mama’s favourite’ with sweet gravy or perhaps the dirty buns served in steam bao bread. squeeze a little room on your plate for the not so side-sized accompaniments - mac’n’cheese, sweet potato bake with marshmallows, corn bread pudding and the excellent smoked corn. the final act is the in-house baked sweet stuff - the sweet syrup drenched ‘dipsy’ brioche with dips, sugar-butter crack pie or carrot cake sandwiches. bring your appetite - and your big pants.

    14 june 2016 by becky
  • mister

    vancouver: mister

    ice cream parlour extraordinare [06.2016].

    10 june 2016 by andreas