• bo$$ man

    bali: bo$$ man

    a succulent beef burger may be the last thing you'd wish for on beautiful bali...until you see this place [09.2015].

    27 september 2015 by andreas
  • café&meal muji

    singapore: café&meal muji

    muji introduces its dining concept to singapore [09.2015].

    22 september 2015 by andreas
  • café zena

    mexico city: café zena

    a hole in the wall, but designed in the best possible way.

    30 august 2015 by andreas
  • kawaii monster café

    tokyo: kawaii monster café

    don't go here with a hangover. insane psychedelic interiors by sebastian masuda featuring giant mushrooms, a melting cake merry go round, giant pink unicorns, and staff dressed for halloween.

    25 august 2015 by kirsty
  • stedsans

    copenhagen: stedsans

    farm-to-table food, we know you love some. except, the farm is on a rooftop and so is the restaurant.

    21 august 2015 by andreas
  • blue butcher

    hong kong: blue butcher

    new york-style steaks and lofty design like woah.

    15 august 2015 by kate
  • the hungry donkey

    london: the hungry donkey

    korean, peruvian, vietnamese - london cuisine has travelled round the world and back in constant search of the new plat du jour. refreshing then to see a spin on one of the more staple global menus, greek, courtesy of the hungry donkey. an intimate little joint a skip away from brick lane it specialises in mouthwatering grecian street food. the ‘greek salad’, ‘souvlaki’ and even ‘pita and tzatziki’ we’re accustomed to are imitations in comparison to the real deal served up here with authentic ingredients shipped over from the med. wantonly moreish pan-fried saganaki cheese, spanakopita [spinach pie] and fasolakia stews make for perfect shareable comfort food alongside classic souvlaki skewers, wraps and moussaka. sweet endings are an extra sweet end – and the spectacular names will need some translation. the delectable kaimaki ice cream can be described as vanillary-marshmallowy-but-not-really and the galaktoboureko is a hunk of semolina custard in sticky syrup. great for a pit-stop, even better as a feast of a takeaway - everything can be ordered to go.

    12 august 2015 by becky
  • torafuku

    vancouver: torafuku

    a not-your-average asian diner. but then again, it was never intended to be one [07.2015].

    31 july 2015 by andreas
  • duck + rice

    london: duck + rice

    restaurateur alan yau is at it again, this time with a chinese gourmet bar in the heart of soho [07.2015].

    20 july 2015 by andreas
  • untitled

    new york: untitled

    modern dining now has no name [07.2015].

    03 july 2015 by andreas