• bakers & roasters

    amsterdam: bakers & roasters

    a foodie haven, it's as simple as that.

    24 may 2016 by andreas
  • baoism

    shanghai: baoism

    local fastfood, cleverly packaged in a sleek hospitality format [05.2016].

    18 may 2016 by andreas
  • tanzploshchadka

    st. petersburg: tanzploshchadka

    amidst the imperial downtown splendour this hidden venue offers a contemporary refuge with ditto fun factor [05.2016].

    06 may 2016 by andreas
  • mulberry & prince

    cape town: mulberry & prince

    this new diner combines a funky urban setting with sophisticated flavours [04.2016].

    04 may 2016 by andreas
  • play

    dubai: play

    in search of a sophisticated diner with a setting as dynamic as the city itself? well, you just found one.

    03 may 2016 by andreas
  • le rouge

    stockholm: le rouge

    a gourmet diner for fancy pants.

    19 april 2016 by andreas
  • le bab

    london: le bab

    the kebab, known in britain by default as a stomach sponge post-boozy night is celebrated at le bab for the delicious, ancient staple of middle eastern cuisine it truly is. here, michelin-starred, restaurant trained chefs expertly pair ingredients - perfectly barbecued meat with just the right pickle, a choice condiment and flourish of herbs and fruit. the menu spans the middle east, near east and south asia resulting in unexpected combinations. to start, matfoul risotto bites are made all the moreish with wild garlic and chipotle hazelnut butter or the lokma doughnuts are spiced with chicken liver parfait. for the main event, choose between the 150 hour free range pork shawarma (paired brilliantly with burnt cabbage pickle and chilli relish) or the excellent BBQ paneer with beetroot puree, charred beetroot and curry mayo. don’t miss the naughty cheese fries and and the endive and pomegranate as a side hustle. it’s a snug location off carnaby streets’s kingly court, with a small but highly considered menu for quick decision making - perfect for a dash-and-grab stomach filler, lunch or pre night out.

    11 april 2016 by becky
  • zero degrees

    london: zero degrees

    well worth a diversion from the city centre, zero degrees immerses you in great food and perhaps even better beer in one of london’s most picturesque ‘little villages’, blackheath. the bar-restaraunt has a split personality. one half is a craft brewery, with impressive fermentation tanks and mash tuns providing an industrial back drop to your meal, the second half is an alluring open kitchen serving up an imaginative Italian menu with an abundance of choice. naturally, beer pairing recommendations help narrow down the options. there’s something for everyone from the hearty black lager to the fruity mango-infused beer and revolving speciality beers to keep you coming back. the authentic stone oven bequeaths excellent pizzas - thin and loaded with unexpected flavour combinations. International influences range from to the scotch bonnet carnitas, jamaican chicken, greek athena, peking duck, peri peri chicken and the outstanding caramelised pear and gorgonzola. make room for the sweet pizza too - caramelised figs with marscapone and pecan pie with salted caramel. the pizza comes highly recommended but there are also seafood, pasta, risotto, breads, sausage and salad options to boot. the lively bar atmosphere permeates the restaurant - soak it up at the weekend after a ramble in the park, and carve out a few hours to laze with friends.

    05 april 2016 by becky
  • gunpowder

    london: gunpowder

    somewhere between aldgate east station and brick lane, behind a work-in-progress building site discreetly lies a diamond in the dust (or gunpowder). described as a ‘home-style’ kitchen, this diminutive indian eatery serves a small but considered family menu where every dish packs a punch. here you’ll find a unique offering absorbing cuisine from across the sub-continent with a few contemporary twists. the adventure commences with a ‘rasam ke bomb’ - a fiery warm shot glass of masala soup served with a puffed puri pancake. Next spicy venison is concealed with a generously-sized vermicelli coated ‘doughnut’. After you might experience goats cheese in an indian restaurant for the first time in a palette-cleansing salad with a kick - you may also experience your duck ‘pulled’ for the first time. indian cuisine has always bountifully rewarded vegetarians and even meat eaters will be fighting over the exceptional grilled mustard broccoli and moreish saag spinach with tandoori paneer. about the size of a generous home-style dining room, the venue doesn’t unfortunately take reservations but will gladly take your number and text you as you wait. you’ll feel welcome as ‘the family’ recall tales of the dishes and the context within indian cuisine. in the spirit of the well known and extremely sugary indian cola, it’s a massive two ‘thums up’ from us.

    28 march 2016 by becky
  • bellanger

    london: bellanger

    une petite taste of north eastern french flavour in angel. german and swiss influences make for butter roasted apple for brunch, veal schnitzel with lingonberry and salted caramel macarons.

    25 march 2016 by becky