• café sapoon sapoon

    seoul: café sapoon sapoon

    a new contemporary lifestyle café by the manufacturer of ginseng brand kweon-jang-chan, and one that's specifically geared towards a young demographic [10.2016].

    17 october 2016 by andreas
  • michiko sushino

    london: michiko sushino

    on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of her london-based brand, japanese designer michiko koshino opens a sushi restaurant, and whose name is a whimsical play on hers [10.2016].

    15 october 2016 by andreas
  • bababoom

    london: bababoom

    suspend what you know about the ‘kebab’ as bababoom delights with unique flavour combinations and formats. the unrelenting passion of the three founders is effortlessly demonstrated in the food where every item on the menu is meticulously considered and lovingly executed. first up, brunch where toppings like grilled mastelo cheese, date glazed bacon and za’tar aubergines grace a pillowy persian flatbread. which, must be followed with the try-before-you-die baba’s eggy bread, a french toast concoction with clotted cream, honeycomb, nutella and caramelised banana. for lunch and dinner, prepare to agonise over the menu. do you start with the rose harissa labneh or the sweet potato tahini? saffron & orange or short rib adana & date kebab? dukkah fries or barberry slaw? toasted boom!mallows with peach melba or eve’s date caramel vodka? the good news is you can’t go wrong. the better news is, if you’re with a group of 4 or more you can have it all with baba’s feast special. nestled on the gastro-strip of battersea rise, at bababoom you come for the food, stay for the food, and stay longer for the warm and welcoming hospitality of the enthusiastic staff.

    03 october 2016 by becky
  • kaá

    sao paulo: kaá

    still going strong after all those years, both food-wise and design-wise.

    24 september 2016 by andreas
  • bronte

    london: bronte

    at bronte, you come for the style, you stay for the food.

    29 august 2016 by becky
  • alto

    hong kong: alto

    a fancy grill restaurant like no other [08.2016].

    27 august 2016 by andreas
  • home - eat to live

    hong kong: home - eat to live

    two floors of cool digs for health nuts and wellness types. comfy spot to relax or sip on organic everything.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • rhoda

    hong kong: rhoda

    a soulful and stylish address with farm fresh feasts from chef nathan green and bronze-clad interiors from joyce wang.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • a side / b side

    hong kong: a side / b side

    paying homage to old-school records, a side / b side turns japanese cuisine on its head with locally grown veggies and meaty mains. look for a metal gate outside to spot the place.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • bayta

    hong kong: bayta

    natural wine obsessives from la cabane opened this gastronomic paradise. expect turquoise, brass interiors, colorful dishes and a curated wine list.

    15 august 2016 by kate