• kaá

    sao paulo: kaá

    still going strong after all those years, both food-wise and design-wise.

    24 september 2016 by andreas
  • bronte

    london: bronte

    at bronte, you come for the style, you stay for the food.

    29 august 2016 by becky
  • alto

    hong kong: alto

    a fancy grill restaurant like no other [08.2016].

    27 august 2016 by andreas
  • home - eat to live

    hong kong: home - eat to live

    two floors of cool digs for health nuts and wellness types. comfy spot to relax or sip on organic everything.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • rhoda

    hong kong: rhoda

    a soulful and stylish address with farm fresh feasts from chef nathan green and bronze-clad interiors from joyce wang.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • a side / b side

    hong kong: a side / b side

    paying homage to old-school records, a side / b side turns japanese cuisine on its head with locally grown veggies and meaty mains. look for a metal gate outside to spot the place.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • bayta

    hong kong: bayta

    natural wine obsessives from la cabane opened this gastronomic paradise. expect turquoise, brass interiors, colorful dishes and a curated wine list.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • okra

    hong kong: okra

    the gist: small plates, sashimi, natural sake. a beijing import, this long and narrow outfit showcases work from underground artist toshio saeki.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • seafood room

    hong kong: seafood room

    sky-high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, seafood for days and a massive rooftop with views over victoria harbour.

    15 august 2016 by kate
  • nakamura tokichi

    hong kong: nakamura tokichi

    japanese simplicity reigns supreme at this matcha specialist, originally from kyoto. only brave the two-hour line if you're feeling zen.

    15 august 2016 by kate