• whitegrass

    singapore: whitegrass

    this place has all the discerning gourmets swooning...and it's not just the menu [02.2016].

    07 february 2016 by andreas
  • the ocean

    hong kong: the ocean

    a fancy restaurant, good food and sweeping views. all you need to take care of is an appreciative hot date.

    03 february 2016 by andreas
  • eataly

    munich: eataly

    italian food heaven.

    05 january 2016 by andreas
  • toki

    amsterdam: toki

    a secluded hangout that captures the neighbourhood's chill vibe.

    01 january 2016 by andreas
  • hooligan

    moscow: hooligan

    this plush, themed resto 'du jour' pulls all the movers and shakers to its doorstep [12.2015].

    28 december 2015 by andreas
  • top dog

    london: top dog

    london’s not short of dirty food fixes. in a city where you can have your burgers and fries piled high with all sorts of sinfulness, soho’s top dog attempts to cut though the grease with a healthy take on the dirtiest of them all - hot dogs. taking the ‘mystery’ out of the meat, restaurant owner, californian-born marissa hermer guarantees no-nonsense sausages served with creative toppings. choose between locally grown and cured pork or beef in a cloud-soft bun (gluten free and vegan options also available of course) and then agonise over which topping to go for. beef chilli and cheese? corn and guacamole? pulled pork and slaw? go with friends and split if you dare. serve with onions rings or mac’n’cheese and wash down with a salted caramel shake or root beer float. admittedly not with out total guilt, but just the right amount of virtue.

    16 december 2015 by becky
  • urbanista

    beirut: urbanista

    a-grade coffee parlour, and then some.

    30 november 2015 by andreas
  • kahwet leila

    beirut: kahwet leila

    comfort food for the needy.

    29 november 2015 by andreas
  • tawlet

    beirut: tawlet

    organic food extraordinaire.

    28 november 2015 by andreas
  • frosty palace

    beirut: frosty palace

    tucked away in an inconspicuous side street, this eatery is a gem.

    27 november 2015 by andreas