• le rouge

    stockholm: le rouge

    a gourmet diner for fancy pants.

    19 april 2016 by andreas
  • gunpowder

    london: gunpowder

    somewhere between aldgate east station and brick lane, behind a work-in-progress building site discreetly lies a diamond in the dust (or gunpowder). described as a ‘home-style’ kitchen, this diminutive indian eatery serves a small but considered family menu where every dish packs a punch. here you’ll find a unique offering absorbing cuisine from across the sub-continent with a few contemporary twists. the adventure commences with a ‘rasam ke bomb’ - a fiery warm shot glass of masala soup served with a puffed puri pancake. Next spicy venison is concealed with a generously-sized vermicelli coated ‘doughnut’. After you might experience goats cheese in an indian restaurant for the first time in a palette-cleansing salad with a kick - you may also experience your duck ‘pulled’ for the first time. indian cuisine has always bountifully rewarded vegetarians and even meat eaters will be fighting over the exceptional grilled mustard broccoli and moreish saag spinach with tandoori paneer. about the size of a generous home-style dining room, the venue doesn’t unfortunately take reservations but will gladly take your number and text you as you wait. you’ll feel welcome as ‘the family’ recall tales of the dishes and the context within indian cuisine. in the spirit of the well known and extremely sugary indian cola, it’s a massive two ‘thums up’ from us.

    28 march 2016 by becky
  • bellanger

    london: bellanger

    une petite taste of north eastern french flavour in angel. german and swiss influences make for butter roasted apple for brunch, veal schnitzel with lingonberry and salted caramel macarons.

    25 march 2016 by becky
  • louis pretty

    berlin: louis pretty

    a not-your-average jewish-american deli pops up in kreuzberg. pastrami with pickles, anyone? [02.2016].

    27 february 2016 by andreas
  • pharmacy 2

    london: pharmacy 2

    damien hirst's 1990s diner re-emerges inside his west london gallery space.

    21 february 2016 by andreas
  • whitegrass

    singapore: whitegrass

    this place has all the discerning gourmets swooning...and it's not just the menu [02.2016].

    07 february 2016 by andreas
  • the ocean

    hong kong: the ocean

    a fancy restaurant, good food and sweeping views. all you need to take care of is an appreciative hot date.

    03 february 2016 by andreas
  • eataly

    munich: eataly

    italian food heaven.

    05 january 2016 by andreas
  • toki

    amsterdam: toki

    a secluded hangout that captures the neighbourhood's chill vibe.

    01 january 2016 by andreas
  • hooligan

    moscow: hooligan

    this plush, themed resto 'du jour' pulls all the movers and shakers to its doorstep [12.2015].

    28 december 2015 by andreas