• billionaire boys club

    london: billionaire boys club

    the bbc empire seizes london town [03.2015].

    31 march 2015 by andreas
  • miu miu

    tokyo: miu miu

    brand new [03.2015] flagship by herzog & de meuron, opposite the iconic prada store.

    28 march 2015 by kirsty
  • maison margiela

    san francisco: maison margiela

    maison margiela lands in the bay area with a quirky-chic flagship [03.2015].

    26 march 2015 by andreas
  • a+s

    tokyo: a+s

    created by soph. and situated right atop its popular boutique in harajuku [03.2015].

    24 march 2015 by andreas
  • stow

    jakarta: stow

    this small but style-packed shop is the collab effort of emerging brands bluesville and voyej [03.2015].

    23 march 2015 by andreas
  • i love ugly

    melbourne: i love ugly

    home of urban menswear, made in new zealand.

    21 march 2015 by andreas
  • denham

    antwerp: denham

    dutch premium denim rules the world...and now also antwerp. we're talking deham's new shop [03.2015].

    20 march 2015 by andreas
  • balenciaga

    madrid: balenciaga

    the balenciaga brand returns to the cradle by way of a high-profile boutique [03.2015].

    18 march 2015 by andreas
  • j.crew

    paris: j.crew

    preppy style with an urban twist arrives in the city of light [03.2015].

    15 march 2015 by andreas
  • idea by sosu

    tokyo: idea by sosu

    a veritable fashion shrine for the initiated. upping the retail game, it was recently renamed and relocated to omotesando hills [03.2015].

    09 march 2015 by andreas