• dior

    vancouver: dior

    the first standalone dior boutique in canada. mind you, it arrives in tandem with a dior homme store right next door [07.2015].

    19 july 2015 by andreas
  • dior homme

    vancouver: dior homme

    the new shop to go to for fashionable bc gents [07.2015].

    16 july 2015 by andreas
  • maison mara

    cape town: maison mara

    this new concept store signals an accelerated evolution in local luxury retail [07.2015].

    14 july 2015 by andreas
  • a.p.c.

    sydney: a.p.c.

    following an outpost in melbourne, a.p.c. arrives in surry hills [07.2015].

    14 july 2015 by andreas
  • prada

    jakarta: prada

    prada finally lands in jakarta, in tandem with sister brand miu miu [07.2015].

    11 july 2015 by andreas
  • valentino

    paris: valentino

    valentino launches a second parisian men's store in the marais district [07.2015].

    09 july 2015 by andreas
  • qwstion invites

    zurich: qwstion invites

    qwstion returns to a former pop-up location to set up permanent shop [06.2015].

    30 june 2015 by andreas
  • a.p.c.

    los angeles: a.p.c.

    there goes the neighbourhood...spiralling up for a change. french label a.p.c. is the latest to join the downtown pack [06.2015].

    28 june 2015 by andreas
  • kenzo

    milan: kenzo

    the revamped flagship is back in business [06.2015].

    25 june 2015 by andreas
  • chanel

    madrid: chanel

    recently revamped, the chanel boutique outshines all other chi chi brands on the block [06.2015].

    21 june 2015 by andreas