• keuze van kiki

    amsterdam: keuze van kiki

    the newly opened outpost of maastricht-based retailer kiki niesten is a treasure trove of pristine archival pieces [11.2014].

    25 november 2014 by andreas
  • replay hyperflex

    london: replay hyperflex

    'magic' jeans by the denim brand that snap back into shape so they never loose their fit.

    23 november 2014 by becky
  • hunter

    london: hunter

    an 'immersive' retail experience bringing hunter's default environment, the british countryside into the store - complete with a soundscape to transport you to the iconic woodlands.

    23 november 2014 by becky
  • feit

    new york: feit

    the crafty price brothers make a bold new entrance in nyc's retail arena [11.2014].

    22 november 2014 by andreas
  • dior

    new york: dior

    thanks to the arrival of dior, shopping downtown is now officially as glamourous as retail therapy uptown [11.2014].

    09 november 2014 by andreas
  • e. tautz

    london: e. tautz

    a blast from the past in menswear steps into the global limelight with a new flagship store [11.2014].

    04 november 2014 by andreas
  • woolrich

    tokyo: woolrich

    woolrich expands to tokyo with a striking new flagship just off omotesando dori [10.2014].

    28 october 2014 by andreas
  • laila tokio

    tokyo: laila tokio

    futuristic space filled with up and coming designers, art books and rare archival pieces.

    25 october 2014 by kirsty
  • 7x7

    tokyo: 7x7

    the brother of laila tokio [upstairs]; vintage americana, homewares and custom pieces.

    25 october 2014 by kirsty
  • mannenya

    tokyo: mannenya

    the place for authentic japanese workwear - those huge pants, tabi shoes and work shirts, close to the park hyatt.

    25 october 2014 by kirsty