• radion

    amsterdam: radion

    not your average club location. it's way out in the burbs, occupying a former university building for that prerequisite raw edge.

    09 june 2015 by andreas
  • le syndicat

    paris: le syndicat

    this new-style speakeasy bar comes with an artsy neighbourhood crowd.

    06 june 2015 by andreas
  • trace

    singapore: trace

    welcome to laserland. it's pretty spectacular, although we're wondering how long it'll take before the novelty wears off for you [06.2015].

    01 june 2015 by andreas
  • cahoots

    london: cahoots

    the spirit of post-war 1940s britain in a spectacular disused underground tube station.

    24 may 2015 by becky
  • the natural philosopher

    london: the natural philosopher

    sip elixirs over the light of oil lamps in this intimate den for up to 25 philosophers.

    24 may 2015 by becky
  • joyeux bordel

    london: joyeux bordel

    luxurious yet artsy imbibing lounge with a parisian accent. 

    24 may 2015 by becky
  • the smoking panda

    sydney: the smoking panda

    what do you get if you mash up a cool downtown l.a. bar with a retro chinese diner? exactly, the smoking panda.

    21 april 2015 by andreas
  • king tai

    new york: king tai

    these days, it's not just williamsburg that has appealing bars this side of the east river. crown heights now boasts an appealing watering hole that raises the bar in the neighbourhood [03.2015].

    14 march 2015 by andreas
  • blue bottle

    tokyo: blue bottle

    the artisanal coffee brand from the bay area plants a flag in tokyo [02.2014].

    03 march 2015 by andreas
  • dj bar bridge

    tokyo: dj bar bridge

    small but well designed space with a great sound system from the team behind vision and air. overlooking shibuya station; open till the first train runs again.

    25 january 2015 by kirsty