• aesop

    sao paulo: aesop

    aesop opens up shop on the most fashionable block in town [08.2015].

    20 august 2015 by andreas
  • aesop

    berlin: aesop

    premium creams, ointments and shampoos for the initiated.

    19 july 2015 by andreas
  • aesop

    paris: aesop

    ...and that makes a seventh signature store in town for aesop [06.2015].

    19 june 2015 by andreas
  • aesop

    fukuoka: aesop

    japan has fast become an important market for aesop. expanding further south in the archipelago, a new signature has been added in fukuoka [05.2015].

    19 may 2015 by andreas
  • cosmania

    amsterdam: cosmania

    pretty much a treasure trove of coveted niche cosmetics brand.

    26 april 2015 by andreas
  • aesop

    tokyo: aesop

    following a retail installation two years ago, aesop returns to permanently set up shop at tokyo midtown [04.2013].

    08 april 2015 by andreas
  • christian louboutin beauté

    paris: christian louboutin beauté

    if you ask monsieur louboutin, his red-soled shoes go hand in hand with designer nail polish. his very own obviously [03.2105].

    07 march 2015 by andreas
  • crime passionnel

    copenhagen: crime passionnel

    olfactory sophistication in downtown copenhagen [02.2015].

    21 february 2015 by andreas
  • aesop

    oslo: aesop

    an exotic ceiling of intersecting domes marks aesop's fancy entrance in oslo's increasingly appealing retail scene [12.2014].

    16 december 2014 by andreas
  • aesop

    seoul: aesop

    aesop plants a flag on korean soil [12.2014].

    10 december 2014 by andreas