reviews in category: food

  • the monarch room

    new york: the monarch room

    the sister establishment of the gold-fused gilded lily bar wows with a fusion of sublime food, service and setting [04.2014].

    11 april 2014 by andreas
  • ts.d.l. restaurant

    moscow: ts.d.l. restaurant

    in case you wondered, it's short for tsentralnaya dom literatov or central writers house. the venue's restaurant has been given an audacious makeover, giving it a snazzy new lease on life [04.2014].

    08 april 2014 by andreas
  • home made

    tel aviv: home made

    the new version of home sweet home restaurant is located in the old neighbourhood in between the garages.

    02 april 2014 by daniella
  • mott 32

    hong kong: mott 32

    chinese food for refined palates. this is the snazzy new domain of michelin-starred chef fung and chef malcolm wood that's inspired by an iconic convenience store in manhattan's chinatown [03.2014].

    27 march 2014 by andreas
  • dub jam

    london: dub jam

    red stripe beer, jerk, rum punch, reggae and dub on the system- the carribean to the covent garden.

    25 march 2014 by becky
  • eataly smeraldo

    milan: eataly smeraldo

    the new gourmet super hub by eataly [03.2014].

    23 march 2014 by andreas
  • merkelbach

    amsterdam: merkelbach

    it's far off the beaten track, has no hipster x factor whatsoever, but is a gem all the same.

    23 march 2014 by andreas
  • yojisan

    los angeles: yojisan

    the beverly hills home of artisanal sushi.

    16 march 2014 by andreas
  • shakshukia

    tel aviv: shakshukia

    the small authentic place serves shakshuka in many versions. fresh, simple and very fast.

    11 march 2014 by daniella
  • orna and ella

    tel aviv: orna and ella

    the bistro of the two ladies combines homemade food with gourmet cuisine. it's famous for the yummy yam pancakes with sour cream.

    11 march 2014 by daniella