reviews in category: food

  • victoria 1836

    paris: victoria 1836

    fine dining redefined by way of an elegant contemporary setting, sumptuous food and a happening vibe, all at a stone's throw from napoleon's iconic arc de triomphe [09.2014].

    17 september 2014 by andreas
  • bebek

    zurich: bebek

    one of those cool eateries where the menu inspires you to hang around all day long.

    01 september 2014 by andreas
  • italia

    zurich: italia

    31 august 2014 by andreas
  • curry up

    tokyo: curry up

    nigo's [ex-BAPE] surprisingly good, unpretentious, neighbourhood curry joint.

    22 august 2014 by kirsty
  • celso y manolo

    madrid: celso y manolo

    tucked away in the chueca maze, this stylish little place - named after two brothers from asturias and previous owners of the premises - is one of the restaurants of the moment.

    17 august 2014 by andreas
  • blacows

    tokyo: blacows

    best burger in tokyo? maybe. with an on-site butcher preparing A5 grade yazawa wagyu and buns from maison kayser, it's hard to beat.

    08 august 2014 by kirsty
  • platea

    madrid: platea

    a spectacular new gourmet venue that wows picky madrileƱos in more ways than one [07.2014].

    31 july 2014 by andreas
  • opso

    london: opso

    greek food with contemporary twists. porridge is infused with earl grey, coleslaw is pimped with quinoa, squid ink bun fish burgers are spiked with tomato jam. just don't tell the family.

    28 july 2014 by becky
  • df mexico

    london: df mexico

    from the people that brought mexican street food to london comes a whole new concept smashing mexican flavours with gluttonous nyc favourites like overstuffed tortas and dulce de leche soft serve.

    28 july 2014 by becky
  • the bayou

    london: the bayou

    probably the ultimate in soul food in london. every deep south classic is here from shrimps and biscuits, louisiana crab cakes, hush puppies, cornbread, adobe corn, shoestring fries, pumpkin lafourche, dirty rice, buttermilk fried chicken grits....

    28 july 2014 by becky