reviews in category: food

  • ethos foods

    london: ethos foods

    an unusual concept where you pay for your food – all vegetarian, from different corners of the world by weight. call ahead for brunch on weekends.

    24 september 2014 by becky
  • bobo social

    london: bobo social

    the super-relaxed 'bourgeois bohemian' diner serving up 'experimental burgers' like zebra and ostrich alongside a more palatable selection.

    24 september 2014 by becky
  • basement sate

    london: basement sate

    combining two vices – sugar and alcohol, this joint pairs cocktails with desserts for a super sweet-toothed supper.

    24 september 2014 by becky
  • colaba social

    mumbai: colaba social

    a cool café + workspace for the online generarion [09.2014].

    23 september 2014 by andreas
  • myasnoy klub

    moscow: myasnoy klub

    tongue-in-cheek russian oligarch dining? well, perhaps not entirely...

    21 september 2014 by andreas
  • guillaume

    sydney: guillaume

    you know you've arrived if your diner bears a shiny brass plaque with your name on it. this is star chef guillaume brahimi's eagerly anticipated new venture [09.2014].

    18 september 2014 by andreas
  • victoria 1836

    paris: victoria 1836

    fine dining redefined by way of an elegant contemporary setting, sumptuous food and a happening vibe, all at a stone's throw from napoleon's iconic arc de triomphe [09.2014].

    17 september 2014 by andreas
  • bebek

    zurich: bebek

    one of those cool eateries where the menu inspires you to hang around all day long.

    01 september 2014 by andreas
  • italia

    zurich: italia

    31 august 2014 by andreas
  • curry up

    tokyo: curry up

    nigo's [ex-BAPE] surprisingly good, unpretentious, neighbourhood curry joint.

    22 august 2014 by kirsty