reviews in category: fashion

  • boutique roma

    zurich: boutique roma

    the city's leading emporium of avant-garde fashion.

    31 august 2014 by andreas
  • prada

    zurich: prada

    the only relevant luxury brand on zurich's golden mile.

    31 august 2014 by andreas
  • a.f.vandevorst

    antwerp: a.f.vandevorst

    after a number of pop-ups, a.f.vandevorst launches a standalone store in the heart of antwerp [08.2014].

    27 august 2014 by andreas
  • the standard store

    melbourne: the standard store

    the standard store lands in fitzroy with a wealth of handpicked quality brands from across the planet [08.2014].

    23 august 2014 by andreas
  • property of...

    hamburg: property of...

    after opening up shop in amsterdam, property of... expands its euro footprint with a second store in downtown hamburg [08.2014].

    19 august 2014 by andreas
  • cold coffee

    tokyo: cold coffee

    former bape designer nigo's new brand 'human made', heavy on the retro americana.

    08 august 2014 by kirsty
  • i.t beijing market

    beijing: i.t beijing market

    behold the revamped i.t beijing market, now more than ever the coolest concept store in the people's republic [08.2014].

    04 august 2014 by andreas
  • prada

    amsterdam: prada

    one of this year's most anticipated store openings in the dutch capital is prada's [08.2014].

    01 august 2014 by andreas
  • hipster 9

    hong kong: hipster 9

    when you spot the mustard yellow doorway with vintage chanel shoeboxes in the window, you’ve found the off-radar hipster9, homing a very respectable collection of designer vintage clothing, accessories, bags and shoes, plus home decor finds.

    30 july 2014 by venus
  • callixto

    hong kong: callixto

    look beyond the bubblegum pink storefront to find globally-sourced lifestyle accessories like beaded collar necklaces made in oaxaca, ikat silk cushions handwoven in uzbekistan, and embroidered bags from thailand’s hmong hill tribe.

    30 july 2014 by venus