reviews in category: fashion

  • acne studio

    hong kong: acne studio

    retailer i.t has opened acne studio at its cluster of branded shops on ice house street [10.2014].

    21 october 2014 by andreas
  • manish arora

    paris: manish arora

    as india emerges as a global powerhouse, so does its most gifted son in fashion circles. we're talking manish arora's first flagship store, opening in the city of light [10.2014].

    19 october 2014 by andreas
  • louis vuitton

    tokyo: louis vuitton

    a rather prominent vuitton presence at matsuya department store.

    19 october 2014 by andreas
  • maison martin margiela

    milan: maison martin margiela

    ultra-modern porta nuova beckons with an increasing number of designer shops. maison martin margiela has just landed here with its very first accessories-only boutique [10.2014].

    17 october 2014 by andreas
  • issey miyake

    london: issey miyake

    avant-garde japanese garb? allow the new issey miyake flagship to make you splurge like you've never done before [10.2014].

    13 october 2014 by andreas
  • diesel

    rome: diesel

    reshuffling its set of stores in the eternal city, diesel has now opened a prestigious flagship on piazza di spagna [10.2014].

    08 october 2014 by andreas
  • boris bidjan saberi

    new york: boris bidjan saberi

    although based in barcelona, boris bidjan saberi chose to set up his first flagship store in nyc [10.2014].

    07 october 2014 by andreas
  • holt renfrew men

    toronto: holt renfrew men

    relevant brands from the men's fashion galaxy, packaged in a ritzy retail setting [10.2014].

    02 october 2014 by andreas
  • trademark

    new york: trademark

    a new shop for a new apparel brand [10.2014].

    01 october 2014 by andreas
  • yme

    oslo: yme

    a newly opened concept store extraordinaire that has put the norwegian capital firmly on the global shopping map [09.2014].

    27 september 2014 by andreas