reviews in category: fashion

  • trademark

    new york: trademark

    a new shop for a new apparel brand [10.2014].

    01 october 2014 by andreas
  • yme

    oslo: yme

    a newly opened concept store extraordinaire that has put the norwegian capital firmly on the global shopping map [09.2014].

    27 september 2014 by andreas
  • victoria beckham

    london: victoria beckham

    girl power by way of a minimalist upscale boutique with a self-designed wardrobe [09.2014].

    27 september 2014 by andreas
  • printemps homme

    paris: printemps homme

    the revamped printemps homme lures an on-trend male demographic to its doorstep with an endless range of relevant brands, presented in sleek new settings [09.2014].

    25 september 2014 by andreas
  • adidas originals

    london: adidas originals

    the only place you can find all of originals under one roof, prepare to queue [and fight off sneakerfreakers] for the ongoing release of limited editions.

    24 september 2014 by becky
  • shonen junk

    tokyo: shonen junk

    vintage fashion shop extraordinaire.

    23 september 2014 by andreas
  • mr. hare

    london: mr. hare

    after opening in mayfair, mr. hare opens up shop close to its following of notting hill dandies.

    21 september 2014 by andreas
  • hermès maison

    shanghai: hermès maison

    it's only hermès' fifth maison on the planet, and it has opened in china's shopping capital [09.2014].

    20 september 2014 by andreas
  • diesel

    osaka: diesel

    the renewed and expanded diesel flagship is a downright stunner [09.2014].

    18 september 2014 by andreas
  • céline

    new york: céline

    complementing the store uptown, céline has now opened up shop in soho [09.2014].

    15 september 2014 by andreas