• blamink

    tokyo: blamink

    22 october 2016 by andreas
  • louis vuitton

    paris: louis vuitton

    it's the neighbourhood's revamped louis vuitton outpost [10.2016].

    22 october 2016 by andreas
  • hotel kanra kyoto

    kyoto: hotel kanra kyoto

    expanded and revamped with additional japanese design, this boutique property aligns itself with discerning culture seekers from a hospitality perspective [10.2016].

    21 october 2016 by andreas
  • apple

    london: apple

    emblematic of a new generation of apple flagships, the revamped outpost on regent street may be vast, but feels surprisingly homey at the same time [10.2016].

    20 october 2016 by andreas
  • ami

    hong kong: ami

    french men's fashion with a slight urban twist has a name...and now also a dedicated shop in hong kong [10.2016].

    19 october 2016 by andreas
  • jil sander

    berlin: jil sander

    it's a double fashion understatement. we're talking the stellar new premises and the merchandise on offer [10.2016]

    18 october 2016 by andreas
  • dolce & gabbana

    milan: dolce & gabbana

    dolce & gabbana don't do minimalism, it's as simple as that. the brand's striking new flagship on via montenapoleone can be seen as a statement of modern opulence...sicilian-style, obviously [10.2016].

    17 october 2016 by andreas
  • café sapoon sapoon

    seoul: café sapoon sapoon

    a new contemporary lifestyle café by the manufacturer of ginseng brand kweon-jang-chan, and one that's specifically geared towards a young demographic [10.2016].

    17 october 2016 by andreas
  • asics

    tokyo: asics

    yes indeed, you'll find an asics store on the campus grounds of waseda university [10.2016].

    16 october 2016 by andreas
  • michiko sushino

    london: michiko sushino

    on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of her london-based brand, japanese designer michiko koshino opens a sushi restaurant, and whose name is a whimsical play on hers [10.2016].

    15 october 2016 by andreas