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welcome to lifestyles of the rich, tanned and supercasual. indeed sydney can often seem like one giant resort literally oceans away from the real world. that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone walks around in speedos, sips on endless flat whites, and has a personal trainer... but it’s pretty close. seemingly endless beaches and walking tracks make this a city all about being outdoors, and spectacular topography and a particularly picture perfect harbour make it an obsession. a diverse population of often quirky inhabitants adds to the cultural flavor, and makes it one of the most liveable cities on earth.

october 2014 edition [australian spring/summer]

uploaded september 15 2014
next update due april 01 2015

+ downloadable PDF city superguide for global shopping experts
+ printout on home printer and fold and staple into booklet
+ updated bi-annually
+ 28 pages total [24 detailed pages]
+ 11 detailed and customized area maps
+ accommodation suggestions
+ area guides and orientation in 9 districts
+ essential shopping with superfuture's famous maps
+ food, bars, clubs, travel planning and useful information
+ coffee pitstops, lunch, dinner, and after dinner suggestions
+ top 10 lists
+ suggested daily itineraries
+ includes hyperlinks to external urls
+ seasonal weather report and major exhibition listings
+ top 10 sydney beaches!

sydney areas

sydney beaches     
kings cross
paddington | woollahra
double bay
the rocks | circular quay
town hall | central
surry hills


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