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LA is literally a ‘thousand cities in one’. each drenched in a golden light of local self identity and optimism. an eco-conscious, highly consumptive paradise - the vibe is healthy, sexy and deliberately casual. with an emphasis on denim culture and lifestyle brands, it’s not so much a sprawling nebulous, but more a fertile macrocosm of mutating hoods, culture and personality. despite its reputation for being home to the rich, spandexed and perpetually plastic, on closer observation, the city actually defies conventional definition. there is a never ending sea of choices for both the pedestrian and high maintenance hedge funder alike.

september 2014 edition

uploaded september 01 2014
next update due november 01 2014 

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+ downloadable PDF city superguide for global shopping experts
+ printout on home printer and fold and staple into booklet
+ updated monthly
+ 30 pages total [26 detailed pages]
+ 13 detailed and customized area maps
+ accommodation suggestions
+ area guides and orientation in 10 districts
+ essential shopping with superfuture's famous maps
+ food, bars, clubs, travel planning and useful information
+ coffee pitstops, lunch, dinner, and after dinner suggestions
+ top 10 lists
+ suggested daily itineraries
+ includes hyperlinks to external urls
+ seasonal weather report and major exhibition listings

los angeles areas

santa monica
venice beach
beverly hills
west hollywood |
  melrose and fairfax
  west 3rd and fairfax
  melrose and santa monica blvd
west hollywood |
  la brea
silver lake
los feliz


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