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out of a dead flat tropical flood prone swamp has arisen a somewhat mangled 21st century mega city.  a mix of concrete and jungle - oozing tourist trap sleaze and first world sophistication in equal measure. gritty decaying urban streetscapes melt into high rise condominium and manic mall madness. venture out and explore an endless steamy abyss, or order a singha beer and view it all from your poolside cabana as you ponder your next spa treatment. nothing beats thai cuisine and hospitality, but bangkok can just as easily suck you into a vortex of debauchery like no where else on earth. this exotic asian metropolis is whatever you want it to be.

july 2013 edition 

uploaded july 06 2013
next update november 01 2014 [we promise!]

this bangkok superguide is designed with a new page layout format. it allows for larger maps and is easier to use on tablet devices.

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+ downloadable PDF city superguide for global shopping experts
+ printout on home printer and fold and staple into booklet
+ updated monthly or quarterly [to be decided]
+ 16 pages [unfolded] 32 pages [folded] [28 detailed pages]
+ 9 detailed and customized area maps
+ accommodation suggestions
+ area guides and orientation in 8 districts
+ essential shopping with superfuture's famous maps
+ food, bars, clubs, travel planning and useful information
+ coffee pitstops, lunch, dinner, and after dinner suggestions
+ top 10 lists
+ suggested daily itineraries
+ includes hyperlinks to external urls

bangkok areas

silom | sathorn
chong nonsi
sukhumvit | lower |
sukhumvit | mid |
sukhumvit | upper | thong lo
chao phraya


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