u.s.a.: soto sake x joe doucet

sake is our fave japanese word, and we're pretty sure the liquid will literally be on everyone's lips from this season on. distilled in japan, a country steeped in tradition, craftsmanship and refined aesthetic, soto draws on the skills and knowledge acquired through centuries of sake production to create a modern twist on this traditional spirit. meaning 'outside' in japanese, the brand embodies this field-to-bottle concept, using finely polished rice and pristine water to create a delicate and mild super-premium junmai daiginjo sake, that's the highest grade of sake available. both the quality of the ingredients and the expertise of soto’s toji – a traditional sake brew master – ensure a refined taste and elegant aroma. it should be enjoyed chilled, either straight or in cocktails, and pairs well with a variety of foods.

but that's not all. in creating this new sake brand, it was essential that the logo, label, and bottle design would reflect a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. this resulted in an appealing package, designed by new york-based designer joe doucet, which includes a glass bottle, made in japan, an elegant silkscreened label, and a japanese denim packaging. soto uses chilled storage and transportation and uv protection on its bottles to ensure a crisp quality when tasted, and should be refrigerated upon purchase. obviously, soto is all natural, gluten free, and contains no additives or preservatives. this top class sake is available at premium bars, restaurants, lounges, hotels, and liquor stores stateside.

© soto