online: the quarter century pant

© rpmwest

from launching an innovative denim product and business model two years ago, RPMWEST has continued to venture into untrodden grounds. the los angeles-based company is led by savvy entrepreneur manuel rappard, and has now introduced the quarter century pant. and that's not all, this made-in-california trophy product comes with an astounding 25-year guarantee! so, what's the deal? it's made from the highest quality 3-ply 100% cotton twill fabric. extremely rare, it weighs 280 grams and is designed to have an amazingly soft feel, but able to withstand the toughest wear 'n tear. this durability is further sustained by special detailing, such as an extra strong inseam and a reinforced double crotch, and the use of heavy duty zippers and military-grade rivets. RPMWEST cleverly sells the quarterly century pant through wholesale via kickstarter, allowing it to cut costs and offer them for a bargain price of only usd 85. fancy a pair? then click here to order yours.

© rpmwest

london: delfina delettrez store opening

© delfina delettrez / photography: mark cocksedge

as a member of the illustrious fendi dynasty, you could say delfina delettrez' creative disposition is genetically detemined. at only 26 she has already established herself as an haute jewellery designer with a global fanbase of jet-setting influencers. based in rome, delettrez' exuberant designs draw inspiration from art, nature or sheer fantasy, and are captured in variety of precious metals and stones. the italian designer first opened up shop in her hometown, and now only four years later, a second boutique has bowed on mount street, london's budding luxury shopping strip.

talented american architect rafael de cárdenas of architecture at large was enlisted to come up with an interior design for the 650 sq.ft. [60 sqm.] retail space, and one that would reflect delletrez' exploration of materials and shapes. not surprisingly, the palette is oozing luxe, but in a quirky way, featuring a mix and match of a variety of materials and surfaces. and somehow it works well, thanks to the distracting infinity effect of the abundance of green mirrors that line the walls. furnishings are distnctly italian, modernist italian from the 1950s to be precise, and sourced by delettrez herself.

but stealing the show is the malachite trompe l'oeil which, reflected by all the mirrors, is wonderfully omnipresent, and adds a sophisticated sense of mystery to the store setting. and while the upper section with the glass cabinets is very much a a retail domain, the basement section serves as a private lounge intended for intimate events. the new delfina delettrez store carries the brand's complete collection of refined jewellery pieces, in addition to one off designs and limited edition items that were created especially for the store. location: 109 mount street [mayfair].

© delfina delettrez / photography: mark cocksedge

london: cheating sameness

© kk outlet / putput - sex tape

stefan friedli and martin larsen are a quirky artist swiss-danish duo based in copenhagen. better known as putput, they perceive the world with a twist, blending the ordinary with corny fantasy or out-of-the-box reasoning, resulting in witty or downright cool visual concepts. their work straddles a handful of disciplines, including photography, sculpture and design, and is often marked by astute observation and a dry sense of humour. kk outlet in london dedicates an exhibition to putput, entitled cheating sameness, and opening there on thu - mar 5 [7pm-9pm]. on display is a mash-up of new and retrospective works, such as tribute to the salami, a journey into the marvelous land of the sausage, and sex tape, a literal play on words in the name of fame and fortune. also featured are objective ambition which examines symbolic projected feelings of objects, whilesoft construction reinterprets standard cinder blocks in soft pink foam, highlighting the decorative aspects rather than hardcore functionality. but that's not all, folks. there'll be new work from the boys, in addition to a few fun surprises. location: 42 hoxton square [shoreditch].

© kk outlet - work from the fitting and pretext series

tokyo: a.p.c. store opening

© a.p.c. japan

very few non-japanese fashion contemporary brands have the appeal that a.p.c. has in the land of the rising sun. its collections appeal to a broad demographic that approaches fashion with a keen eye for quality and a style that lasts more than one season. the company's has been present in japan for many years and its retail network encompasses numerous standalone stores and shop-in-shops nationwide and yet continues to expand. one of the latest additions is a boutique in futako-tamagawa, an affluent suburb of tokyo which has seen a steady influx of premium and high-end brands. a.p.c. has opened at tamagawa takashimaya shopping centre which is part of an even bigger nucleus of stores north of the area's railway station.

occupying a 140 sm. [1,507 sq.ft.] ground floor unit, the boutique features an interior design by paris-based architect and longtime collaborator laurent deroo. dealing with a fairly narrow retail space, the circulation of shoppers was carefully considered when designing the store. the diagonally placed wall, counters and benches scattered throughout, all act as devices to lead the flow of customers. walls have been given a white hue to create an impression of width. oak has been used for all furnishings, including the triangular latticed sales desk which is prominently placed in the middle of the store, and which giving the setting a welcoming edge. the new a.p.c. store carries the brand's men's and women's apparel, shoes and accessories collections. location: tamagawa takashimaya shopping centre, 3-17-1 tamagawa, ground floor [futako-tamagawa].

© a.p.c. japan

paris: second body

© anthony gormley - big pluck [2014] / photography: steven white / courtesy galerie thaddaeus ropac

anthony gormley [1950] is the man behind a diverse range of stunning sculptures that have caught the eye and imagination of audiences worldwide. most of gormley's work take the human body as its subject, and his upcoming exhibition at galerie thaddaeus ropac in paris exemplifies his formidable ability to meticulously explore and express its dimensions with a vocabulary all his own. entitled second body, the show opens sun - mar 1 [2pm-6pm] and features, as you might have guessed, an investigation of body and space. occupying the entire gallery space, a series of works are presented that catalyse the viewer's notion of space and time.

the first exhibition space presents the work hole, a four-metre-high model of a house as a body. this work objectifies and internalises the relationship between a perceiving human body and its habitat by mining and perforating the normally closed body-volumes, and presents it as a mansion with many chambers. the following gallery show the installation expansion field, consisting of 60 imposing sculptures made from corten steel and arranged in four rows. interestingly, each work evolved by applying regular increments of expansion to each of the consituent cells of a particular body stack. the final work on display is matrix II.

made especially for this showcase at galerie thaddaeus ropac, it's about virtual architecture and presents a three-dimensional that depicts 16 room-sized volumes that interconnect around a void space equivalent to two standing bodies. as the viewer circles around the work it creates a disorienting perception in which figure/ground become inverted and the accelerating effects of compressed perspective confuse the eye. not surprisingly, gormley believes that an exhibition is a physical and psychological test site, and this event very much demonstrates that perception. location: 69 avenue du général leclerc [pantin].

© galerie thaddaeus ropac / photography: charles duprat + digital rendering of matrix II [2014]

paris: generator hostel opening

© generator / photography: sinue serra

generator has been changing the hostel game this side of the atlantic since it first launched in london nearly two decades ago. now a growing chain with properties at key destinations across the old continent, it appeals to a savvy young clientele with a hospitality formula that tickles all senses. and very recently the city of paris has joined the generator ranks, and with 916 beds it's the chain's biggest property to date. situated in the happening canal st.-martin area, the hostel occupies a former office building and features both shared and private rooms. there are even premium twins on the eigth floor with private balconies overlooking the trees of place du colonel fabien.

needless to say, they're all beautifully designed and at budget rates. the aesthetic of the place, best described as a cool mash-up of styles that takes cues from the local culture, is another collab between designagency from toronto and generator's creative director anwar mekhayech. very much offering a total lifestyle experience, every nook and cranny of generator paris has been designed as such, featuring a number of welcoming public spaces for different purposes and moods. a welcoming lounge area offers relaxation from a busy day of out on the town or to mingle with fellow guests and visitors, and when you're feeling a little peckish, café fabien and its beautiful conservatory readily accommodates.

on the menu are traditional french dishes and classics such as burgers, salads and artisan sandwiches, made with local produce whenever possible, and paired with local beer, cocktails and mocktails. not sleepy yet? the debaucherous night owl in you is lucky to have a cosy bar on the premises, big enough to show off your slickest dance moves. there's no stopping the generator chain, as equally appealing new hostels are in the making in amsterdam and rome as we speak, and which both are scheduled to open later this year. paris location: 9-11 place du colonel fabien [canal st.-martin].

© generator / photography: nikolas könig + sinue serra

bangkok: absolute siam fashion capital

© siam center

sean freeman is an acclaimed illustrator + typographer based in london. a love for words and beautiful images pushes him to explore new ways of approaching his work with a love for happy accidents and a passion for visual storytelling, texture, type, and pretty much everything in between. very recently, freeman collaborated with siam center, one of bangkok's most popular shopping malls, on a two-day lifestyle event called absolute siam fashion capital. multi-faceted and with the participation of leading names in thai fashion and retail, it featured a fashion show of s/s 2015 collections by more than 40 thai brands. for this specific showcase freeman created giant typographic masterpieces, spelling the event's name, and an additional alphabet range, which collectively formed the backdrop of the presentation. following the show, notorious creative collective dude sweet took over siam center's third floor with the help of gender-bending electro-pop icon gene kasidit for a fun party until the wee little hours. mind you, freeman's colourful typographic pieces are on display through apr 9. location: 989 thanon rama 1, idea avenue, first floor [siam].

© siam center

berlin: bazar noir store opening

© hidden fortress

ingeniously constructed simplicity rules fierce at bazar noir. launched a little while ago, the design emporium in berlin's kreuzberg district has made waves with a stunning decor that not only makes the merchandise on display pop, but is an artsy statement in itself as well. designed by hidden fortress, a local practice led by jan maley and björn meier, the store occupies 85 sqm. [915 sq.ft.] spread over two floors that each have been given a contrasting setting. the ground floor dons pitch black shade, captured by a variety of materials and forms. elements of copper, glass and other high-quality fabrics add a sophisticated touch. 

but the main material used here is maritime pine, and due to its decorative large grain, it has also been used in its original colour for the mezzanine floor. an encased and seemingly gravity-defying staircase perfectly demonstrates the dual use of this specific kind of timber as it's coated on the outside and plain within. bazar noir's configuration is fairy flexible as a structure of frames covers an entire wall with shelf modules in different sizes. although the mezzanine floor is quite compact, a wide wall cut-out gives it an airy feel and allows a view of the floor below. bazar noir carries tightly edited goods from local and international brands and designers, ranging from handcrafted small furniture pieces, objects, books, and art, as well as select vintage objects. location: kreuzbergstrasse 78 [kreuzberg].

© hidden fortress

new york: uneven growth

© map office - oyster farm in the shadows of tin shui wai new town, hong kong [2014]

it's estimated that by 2030 the planet's population will have reached eight billion people, and two-thirds will be living in cities. unfortunately, it's also expected that not every urbanite will be able to make a decent living. in fact, most will be downright poor. with limited resources, this uneven growth is going to be one of the greatest challenges worldwide. in order to tackle this doom scenario head on, city authorities, urban planners, designers, economists, and many others will have to join forces to ensure that many of these fast-growing urban hubs remain habitable, and thus functional. the latest exhibition in moma’s issues in contemporary architecture series is uneven growth. the show brings together six interdisciplinary teams of researchers and practitioners to examine new architectural possibilities for six sprawling global cities: hong kong, istanbul, lagos, mumbai, new york and rio de janeiro. and similarly to the series' previous editions, each team will develop proposals for a specific city in a series of workshops that occur over the course of a 14-month initiative [on through may 10]. location: moma, 11 west 53rd street [midtown].

© situ studio + cohabitation strategies - the other new york - axonometric view [2014]

copenhagen: 66°north store opening

© gonzalez haase

founded in 1926, 66°north is a household name in iceland. the outdoor apparel brand has eleven stores there, and we can only assume it's a staple in wardrobes across the rugged island nation. very recently 66°north has ventured abroad for the very first time, opening a rather stunning store in copenhagen. the danish outpost occupies a ground floor unit of a low-rise structure and features a fabulous minimalist interior design by berlin-based architecture practice gonzalez haase. the façade of glass and steel has been retained but everything else inside has been stripped to reveal, and quite literally so, a perfect blank canvas for the added elements.

below a bare ceiling, marked by utility pipes and a linear mosaic of suspended fluorescent lights, shoppers find a setting that excels in decorative austerity. placed on a floor of light wooden planking are modular display units in a soft grey hue, each different in size and height, and which collectively add a beautiful sculptural element to the space. a sleek metal rail features apparel pieces, while two boards of untreated wood feature the brand's accessories. the austere aesthetic is further softened by giant cabins, that serve as changing rooms, and are crafted from a similar material. the new 66°north store carries the brand's full range of men's and women's apparel and accessories. location: sværtegade 12 [indre by].

© gonzalez haase