hong kong: superfuture print city guide series

hong kong: superfuture print city guide series

the superguide series

the superfuture superguide travel series was originally created in 1999 for globally minded fashion and design related professionals who needed to stay informed of the freshest establishments around the planet. starting in tokyo, it was a reaction against the typical tourist driven recommendations and formats available at that time.

originally available online only, superfuture has become synonymous with detailed city shop reviews and maps, which developed into custom itineraries and guides for both private and corporate clients. soon after this, followed a series of periodically edited downloadable PDF city guides. to date superfuture produces and maintains 10 cities worldwide. with the introduction of app technology, superfuture also created an iphone app for hong kong and tokyo. 

superfuture now presents its third iteration of the series with its first ever print edition in collaboration with hong kong based retailer and publisher kapok

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superfuture founder and producer wayne berkowitz explains: “new technologies will always keep emerging  though there is still something satisfying about holding an old-skool printed map when discovering a city”... he continues: “looking at my smartphone screen is the last thing I want to do on a holiday – sure, it’s great for taking instagram pics, but trying to multitask and view maps and read lists on a tiny screen totally stresses me out”. 

“it’s pretty obvious that these days’ people have increasingly limited attention spans; zero time to read lengthy guidebooks, and zero patience for research. i feel this is exactly the sort of city guide that is suited to our hyper technological lives - one that is highly curated and simply informs users of the definitive places they need to see. no more. no less... and a clear map to help them navigate. one that they can scribble on with a pen and will still be there when their phone battery inevitably runs out”.

the supernew mini guide format

this new simplified format is an easy-to-read hand held folded list of short, sharp reviews and detailed maps. a curated best selection of current shops, food and dining, nightlife and culture. “hong kong is the perfect city for exploring on foot as you never know what you’ll discover down a little lane, up a flight of stone stairs, or inside one of the thousands of jam-packed commercial buildings”, says superguide editor kate springer. “we have tried to capture that colorful, eclectic vibe by carefully selecting a mixture of worthy openings and timeless gems — all laid out on easy-to-use maps with suggested walking paths”. the folded layout is packaged inside a protective sleeve cover. 

the future printernet

for those still hooked to their tech devices, the guide also provides an interface to connect to a downloadable version of the print guide via QR code. 


available now at KAPOK hong kong stores or online via KAPOK webshop $HK95 [$US12]

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for all other enquiries send us a message at hello@superfuture.com !!

more details at superfuture.com/printed


dubai: play restaurant opening

© gatserelia design

a boomtown for many decades, dubai has gained its fair share of glamour, luxury, and last but not least, jaw-dropping superlatives. it's a bubbling oasis that continues to evolve with a slew of alluring lifestyle options few other cities can match. in the latter category falls play, an upscale restaurant that opened a little while ago on the premises of the h dubai, a five-star property in the heart of the city. perched on the lofty 36th and 37th floors, the dining spot obviously is a seamless extension of the hotel's aesthetic, featuring an equally plush interior by beirut-based designer gregory gatserelia.

largely defined by marble and brass, the design is contemporary with clean lines and smooth surfaces, but it also boasts an exuberant edge that's unmistakably middle eastern. the space is dotted with custom-made fixtures and furnishing, including suspended brass lanterns hanging in space, beautifully contrasting wall, ceiling and floor mosaics that mimic dubai's dynamic skyline – mind you, the design is conceptualized as such that the sweeping city views the location form an integral part of the dynamic design – and a sculptural shooter bar modeled after the profile of the human face and adorned with lamps in the shape of pointing fingers.

offering guests a full night out on the town, play is an haute lifestyle playgound, featuring a bar area, a dining section, and for the most discerning of the dining demographic, a hi-tech infused v.i.p. area with art déco-inspired fixtures and furnishings. so, what's cooking at play? mirroring dubai's unique blend of east and west, a gourmet menu concocted by celebrated chef reif othman offers a wide variety of dishes inspired by mediterranean and asian flavours, and make the restaurant a destination in its own right for discerning palates. location: the h dubai, 1 sheikh zayed road, 36th + 37th floors [al jaffiliya].

© gatserelia design

havana: work in progress

© chanel / karl lagerfeld's work on display at the obra en proceso exhibition in havana

no longer in the shadow of global politics, cuba is the alluring new frontier, and along with this newly acquired stature, its famously scenic capital of havana takes center stage. coinciding with the french month of culture which kicked off last weekend the city, iconic french fashion house chanel will show its 2016/2017 cruise collection here today. in tandem with this much-publicized event, that'll undoubtedly bring high-profile guests to the local scene, the brand's creative director karl lagerfeld has brought along an accompanying exhibition. entitled obra en proceso or 'work in progress' in plain english, the showcase is held at factoría habana, and presents a sizeable body of work that represent lagerfeld's main interests: fashion, architecture and landscapes. interestingly, it also includes more than 200 photographs that lagerfeld snapped himself, and explores his great diversity of subjects, approaches and techniques [on through may 12]. location: factoría habana, calle o'reilly 308 [centro].

© chanel / karl lagerfeld's works on display at the obra en proceso exhibition in havana

shanghai: triple-major store renewal

© triple-major

when keeping a finger on the pulse of fashion as a retailer, it's essential to update the shop environs from time to time. well, that's exactly what triple-major has done with its outpost in shanghai. situated in the city's taikang lu neighbourhood, the boutique has long been the go-to address for those in search of forward fashion styles from across the planet. all three floors now feature an uncluttered, gallery-like aesthetic, captured by whitewashed walls and polished concrete flooring that mimicks the façade of the building. fixtures and furnishings are sparse, consisting of a variety of sleek clothing racks, shelving and mannequins, while cherry-picked artworks and props add a homey vibe.

a chunky vintage japanese slot machine adds a whimsical note to the shopping environment. the renewed triple-major store continues to stock brands that are hard to find in the city, if not the entire country, and currently includes men's and women's apparel items, shoes and accessories by coveted names such as damir doma, walter van beirendonck, lemaire, ffixxed studios and henrik vibskov. complementing the curated range of coveted garments is a sharp selection of international art and lifestyle magazines. location: 25 shaoxing lu [taikang lu].

© triple-major