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  • moscow: dr. zhivago restaurant opening

    moscow: dr. zhivago restaurant opening

    making the most of volatile modern times, this swanky diner serves moscow's well-heeled good old russian cuisine.

    10 november 2014 by andreas
  • online: belief limited edition package

    online: belief limited edition package

    in celebration of futura's new solo exhibition in moscow, streetwear emporium belief has released a limited edition pack with goodies.

    1 november 2014 by andreas
  • moscow: door 19 pop-up restaurant

    moscow: door 19 pop-up restaurant

    this pop-up restaurant has once more taken moscow by storm with a hedonistic star concept and a great location.

    20 october 2014 by andreas
  • moscow: timewarp

    moscow: timewarp

    exactly 30 years after his first visit, legendary urban artist futura returns to moscow for an aptly named exhibition of new work at the shchusev state museum of architecture.

    13 october 2014 by andreas
  • moscow: good enough café opening

    moscow: good enough café opening

    this little café offers a friendly, non-pretentious coffee hideaway in an area of town that's better known for its prestigious, glitzy establishments.

    17 june 2014 by andreas
  • moscow: robot ball

    moscow: robot ball

    it's not a sci-fi scenario but already a reality in specific industries. an event at moscow's artplay design center engages the general public in an interactive robot exhibition and related workshops.

    15 may 2014 by andreas
  • moscow: ts.d.l. restaurant renewal

    moscow: ts.d.l. restaurant renewal

    the central house of writers has longtime occupied an aristocratic downtown mansion. as of late the venue's restaurant flaunts a striking new concept, serving modern russian fare in an intriguingly eclectic new setting.

    8 april 2014 by andreas
  • moscow: personal choice

    moscow: personal choice

    a new exhibition at the garage center for contemporary culture in moscow gives a rare peek into private art collections on home turf.

    14 february 2014 by andreas
  • moscow: dewar's powerhouse opening

    moscow: dewar's powerhouse opening

    it's pretty much your extended living room. this place features cool music, jolly company and tasty bites in a laid-back setting that's unique in all of moscow.

    30 january 2014 by andreas
  • moscow: freedom not genius

    moscow: freedom not genius

    it's not an exhibition of his own work but of his private collection. we're talking best-selling brit artist damien hirst's showstopper at the multimedia art museum in moscow.

    30 november 2013 by andreas