paris: kenzo pop-up store

© printemps / photography: francis peyrat - kenzo loves printemps

more popular than ever before, kenzo has enamored a new demographic of young fashion-forward shoppers across the planet. based in paris, it's right here where the rejuvenated fashion brand has expanded its footprint with brand-defining window installations and a pop-up presence at luxury department store printemps. five colour-infused window installations beckon kenzo fans from afar, and once inside they're wowed by a psychedelic-style pop-up store, aptly named kenzo loves printemps, and situated in the ground floor's atrium space. each setting is inspired by the appealing mystery and surrealism of david lynch's female characters. in fact, the film director has been the main source of inspiration of kenzo's a/w 2014 women's collection. the pop-up store is brimming with carol lim and humberto leon's latest women's designs, and includes bags, wallets, iphone cases and scarves [open through early november]. location: printemps, 64 boulevard haussmann [opéra].

© printemps / photography: pessina massimo - kenzo loves printemps

zurich: linck keramik + claudia bertini pop-up store

© linck keramik

linck keramik is a leading swiss pottery, founded in 1942 by artist margrit linck. until today, its talented potters follow traditional techniques, creating the signature designs by its founder, and each piece is hand-made on traditional potter turntables. the collection features a range of timeless lamps, vases, bowls and dishes. the quality brand has set up a pop-up store in the swanky heart of zurich, and in fact shares the space with fashion designer claudia bertini. open thursdays to saturdays, it's a superbly matching collab as the latter is known for an equally clean aesthetic and use of quality materials. the temporary retail space, featuring an understated setting that oozes the vibe of a fancy art gallery, is sparsely furnished with simple wooden shelving and displays that allow the beautifully crafted merchandise to pop. location: talstrasse 37 [zentrum].

© linck keramik

new york: what a story, quelle histoire

© agnès b.

point d'ironie is a quirky art magazine founded in 1997 by a fabulous foursome: fashion designer agnès b., artist christian boltanski, curator hans-ulrich obrist and museum director carrie pilto. the publication was founded at a crossroad in time, right before the electronic age burst loose and would forever change our ways of communication. the concept of the magazine - published only about six times a year and available free of charge at agnès b. stores and plenty of other places across the globe - is to offer works of art by a selected artist on paper, to touch, to read [or not], to exhibit, to frame, to archive, to throw away or to use as wrapping paper. each issue of point d'ironie is thus destined to appear, and sooner or later, to disappear. opening on sat - oct 24 [5pm-7pm] at agnès b. galerie boutique in new york city is what a show, quelle histoire, a retrospective show of work that has previously appeared in the magazine, while issue no. 56, featuring work by conceptual artist robert barry, will simultaneously be launched. location: 50 howard street [soho].

© agnès b.

tokyo: the monocle shop opening

© monocle

monocle's ongoing infatuation with japan has gained new momentum. the island nation is regularly featured in the magazine's wide range of articles, including topics related to its renowned take on quality, style and presentation. emulating similar standards, monocle has successfully launched a string of shops across the globe where it presents carefully selected lifestyle goods, and it's in tokyo where the newest outlet has opened. situated in yoyogi-uehara, a leafy residential area west of popular yoyogi park, it occupies a 24 sqm. [258 sq.ft.] ground floor unit of a low-rise structure which also houses the magazine's relocated tokyo office and that of sister design agency winkreative.

entirely designed by the collective's creative team at the headquarters in london, the monocle shop features a clean aesthetic that makes very advantageous use of its concrete shell. the retail space is furnished with funky yellow usm sales counter, sleek vitsoe shelving and vintage finds, while a slatted wooden partition allows peeks of the office space in the back section. the monocle shop stocks a coveted selection of fashion and design collaborations with the likes of comme des garçons, porter, barena, mackintosh and its very own menswear capsule, monocle voyage. exclusive products for the tokyo launch include a brooklyn leather coaster, a limited edition tenegui, and the monocle guide to good business. location: luna rossa building, 1-19-2 tomigaya [yoyogi-uehara].

© monocle

superchat katowice: michal kubieniec + geszeft


located in the silesia region in the south of poland, katowice is a post-industrial city with an emerging force in design, art, architecture and fashion. we caught up with one of the masterminds behind local retail gem geszeft, michal kubieniec, to talk shop and the local spirit that defines the city's flourishing creative community.

can you fill us in on the background of geszeft and its retail evolution? the idea behind geszeft was born at kato bar, the spot i run with dominik tokarski [co-owner of geszeft]. we started out by creating gifts and gadgets sold at the bar, aimed at promoting the local area. we were seeing many other creatives, designers and artists who were also inspired by our local region and as time went by, we decided to open a small shop. the idea was to sell local products and also polish designers from other regions. after some time we realized there were so many designers in the area that we went strictly local and we are now working with about 50 silesian designers from katowice alone. so basically, geszeft has become a kind of a start-up platform for young designers and the first place they're able to show their products.

tell us about the local scene in katowice? i've lived in katowice for about eight years now and i've watched the city change quite dramatically over the years. from an industrial to a post industrial city where design has become an important element in many areas. its quite an interesting vibe here where creatives are proud of the region and it influences their projects often. designers here i think are very inspired by our industrial tradition. we have jewelry made of coal, t-shirt slogans in local silesian dialect and many other industrial inspired items. we wanted to showcase these types of things in our store and base it on this theme.

who is the geszeft customer and what is their story? actually, we were very surprised when we opened to see such a diverse set of people buying things from the store. it's hard to pin point the exact type of person who shops here, but that was sort of the idea. geszeft is a place where anyone can come and find something that suits them. we were really avoiding the model of appealing to only one type of customer and i think so far it's working well.

we love the geszeft interior, what inspired the design and lay-out? we wanted the interior to correspond to the spirit of silesia, which has a minimalist, raw and industrial character. so, the interior really just reflects the look and feel of the whole local area, sort of silesia in a nutshell.

what is the current mood of polish fashion and retail in your opinion? i think poland is a place inspired by local tradition, so you see a lot of designers using local materials and working with regional craftsmen to redefine traditional fashion. this is reflected by what you see on the street and in the stores. lots of referencing the past in a modern way.

how do you go about selecting the creatives you work and collaborate with at the store? we basically search online or otherwise discover people at local fashion events. we also talk with alot of friends who work in fashion and design, to introduce us to new talent in our area. 

are you planning to open other locations, and if so, are you looking to introduce your brands internationally? we are actually thinking to open a new spot outside of poland, we'll have to see. we are currently involved in a design exhibition in berlin and we will be showing some of our products there coming december. it will be our first step to see if people are interested in what we do. it'll be interesting to see how that goes.

can you give us a few recommendations - where should we be when in poland? come to katowice! it's really the best place. we have great architecture, a creative atmosphere and an industrial soul. there are a lot of design-oriented places to visit... but we'll wait till you come before we reveal everything!

geszeft - ulica morcinka 23-25, 40-124 katowice.



bangkok: paul smith store opening

© paul smith

the opening of central embassy, bangkok's newest and glitziest of all malls, has given the city a major retail boost. it's not only the striking design of the complex by london-based amanda levete architects that makes shopping here an adventure, but also the cluster of high-end brands which is unique to thailand. some of its tenants are entirely new to the thai market while others have merely expanded their local footprint. in the latter category falls paul smith, which has opened a spacious second store on the mall's ground floor. a façade stuccoed in blue frames an expansive row of windows that allow generous peeks into the store. the interior design follows the aesthetic guidelines of all paul smith stores, featuring a range sophisticated customized settings that eclectically combine modern design elements with carefully sourced antique furnishings and art works, some by designer paul smith himself. it's the impeccable detailing and unique pieces that give each of the brand's stores an identity of its own. the new store carries both men's and women's collections, including suiting for men, shoes, small leather goods, accessories and bags. location: central embassy, 1031 thanon ploenchit, ground floor [ploenchit].

© paul smith

global: pierre hardy s/s 2015 men's collection

© pierre hardy

regardless the season, pierre hardy has got you covered with some of the greatest styles for just about any occasion. the paris-based cobbler extraordinaire has included some rather appealing designs in his s/s 2015 collection, making it very hard to make a pick. hardy's shoes are predominantly inspired by classic models, but tweaked as such that the outcome is always highly sophisticated and contemporary. a quirky choice in materials, forward colour coding and subtle finishings render each model an unmistakeable pierre hardy design. and yes, we'd even sleep in them. shown here are seven models from the new collection that we particularly like. pierre hardy's s/s 2015 collection is available at the pierre hardy flagships in new york and paris, and at select stores across the planet, including just one eye [los angeles], selfridges [london], excelsior [milan], isetan [tokyo] and sneakerboy [sydney].

© pierre hardy

hong kong: acne studio opening

© acne studios

leading hong kong retailer i.t already stocked acne studio, and had given the coveted swedish label a dedicated corner at the swish i.t concept store in tsim sha tsui. but acne studio does well, in fact so well that it has now been given a branded shop of its own at i.t's cluster of branded shops on ice house street, featuring the same futuristic ambiance as the other most prominent acne outlets across the planet. the store occupies a compact unit of 695 sq.ft. [65 sqm.] and features a setting of polished aluminium paneling and partitions of perforated aluminium, paired with linoleum flooring and a ceiling of corrugated iron. the newest acne studio stocks the brand's full range of men's and women's apparel, shoe and accessories collections. to celebrate the opening a hong kong special edition sweater has been released which is exclusively available at the store. location: 10 ice house street, shop 9 [central].

© acne studios

moscow: door 19 pop-up restaurant

© artkvartal

door 19 is a pop-up restaurant + art gallery that has taken moscow by storm. conceptualized by artkvartal, an urban project that aims to redevelop four distinct locations in the russian capital, it's situated on the top floor of arthouse, a new residential complex by russian architect sergey skuratov on the banks of the yauza river. although highly successful in its own right, it has also proven to be quite beneficial to the company's ambitious plans. held at the very same lofty penthouse space, this is the restaurant's second edition, and exclusively caters to a demographic of high-profile movers and shakers. the decor and scale of door 19 is one that's quite a novelty here, mixing the building's bare essentials with a string of carefully selected furnishings and striking works by top artists.

strewn across the premises are rather striking pieces by directional creatives as david lachapelle, damien hirst and jenny holzer. as for the cuisine, door 19 serves cuisine from different corners of the globe, prepared by a rotation of specialized chefs who are flown in for the occasion. the very same diversified approach is taken when it comes to drinks as skilled mixologists have been recruited to serve guests a wide range of signature concoctions. and the fun doesn't stop there. door 19 doubles as a club that continues until the wee little hours, featuring a roster of happening deejays from home and abroad [open through oct 31]. location: arthouse, serebryanicheskaya naberezhnaya 19 [basmanniy].

© kvartal

global: pierre hardy s/s 2015 women's collection

© pierre hardy

as any style-conscious damsel knows, shoes and bags can make or break your outfit. that's why pierre hardy showers his loyal following with an abundance of plenty of options. the designer's s/s 2015 collection is no exception, featuring a range of shoes and bags that add an inimitable style statement to a business meeting, frolicky dance floor moves or a full-on flirtation. the hardy woman is naturally persuasive, and her choice of shoes - and matching bags - are an obvious exponent of that elusive inner strength. yes, now you know. shown here are five models from the desinger's newest collection that we particularly like. pierre hardy's s/s 2015 collection is available at the pierre hardy flagships in new york and paris, and at select stores across the planet, including saks fifth avenue [san francisco], the webster [miami], free shop [athens], on pedder [jakarta] and space mue [seoul].

© pierre hardy